So this has been a very busy and very fulfilling couple of weeks for me photographically.  I decided at the beginning of the year that I would enter as many competitions as possible for no other reason but to see where I stood “photographically”.  Last week I received a letter (yes a letter not an email) from the Pakenham Camera Club advising me that I had won ” the award for 2nd most Successful Exhibitor – Projected Images.

I then received an email from the 1st Redlands International Photographic Exhibition advising me that I had won Gold in the creative section and Silver in the People section.

and then…… won first in colour, first in mono, first in creative at the Gold Coast Show as well as overall winner with best image.

And last (for now…) yesterday I received notification from the Vigex 1st International Digital Salon 2016, I didn’t win any awards but with 4806 entries 8 of mine were acceptances, I’m pretty happy with those results too….

Footbike World Championships 2016

Along with fellow photographer Carol, I was an official photographer for the first Australia held championships the past weekend for a relatively new sport, well new for me as I had never heard of it before.  It was pretty interesting and by the end of the competition I actually thought about taking on this strange but fun looking sport.  Of course this thought lasted about 5 seconds as I already have so much on my plate that  I would not have time to train and become the champion I know I could be…… hmmmmm

This coming weekend should also be an interesting and full one, workshop on saturday to learn about “luminosity masks”…(if you need to ask you don’t really need to know), and on sunday a family portrait shoot in Byron Bay.

Will update you on those in the next blog.